HeaterMeter App


The app for monitoring your HeaterMeter on your iOS Device.

Set-up : 

On the bottom right push the “i” button and fill in your HeaterMeter URL, for example :
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– https://mike123.dyndns.org


Current features : 

– Monitor all your sensor data live within the App.

– Temperature colors :
Lightblue = temp. under Low Alarm
Yellow = temp. between Low and High Alarm
Orange = temp. over High Alarm

– Set timers for your meat.

– Visual and Sound alarms within the App.

– Notifications outside the app, ONLY for timers (yet).

In future releases I will try to add the following : 
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– Configuration of your HeaterMeter : Low temperature, High temperature, SetPoint, etc.

– Notifications of Low/High temp. (probably this needs a serverside solution)

– Different skins

– Etc.

* In App there is an e-mail button for reporting problems/suggestions.

Copyright (c) 2016 – 2017 Mike Stokhof. All rights reserved.