HeaterMeter App


The app for monitoring your HeaterMeter on your iOS Device.

Set-up : 

On the bottom right push the “i” button and fill in your HeaterMeter URL, for example :



– https://mike123.dyndns.org


Current features : 

– DPH (Degrees Per Hour) now in separate field for every probe, orange when DPH is higher than previous value and blue when DPH is lower than previous value. (only available on 4,7″ or larger devices)

– Configuration of your HeaterMeter : Low temperature, High temperature, SetPoint, etc.

– Notifications of Low/High temp.

– Monitor all your sensor data live within the App.

– Temperature colors :
Lightblue = temp. under Low Alarm
Yellow = temp. between Low and High Alarm
Orange = temp. over High Alarm

– Set timers for your meat.

– Visual and Sound alarms within the App.

– Notifications outside the app.

In future releases I will try to add the following : 

– Different skins

– Etc.

* In App there is an e-mail button for reporting problems/suggestions.

Privacy Statement.

For questions about this privacy statement you can contact me via the email button inside the Heatermeter App.

What information does Heatermeter gather?

Heathermeter receives your email address for the activation of the app.

We also collect temperature data so you can receive notifications.


By using the Heathermeter App you agree to the terms of the privacy statement.


Heatermeter reserves the right to make changes, additions or adjustments to its privacy statement.

Copyright (c) 2016 – 2020 Mike Stokhof. All rights reserved.